Friday, January 30, 2009

I admit it I like Howard Stern

I know a lot of people do not like this guy, I know I did not for years. My best friend loved the guy but I could never get into him. But my wife gave me a Sirius Radio last year so I could listen to!!!!! and yes I did listen a lot. One day as I was scanning the radio I came across Howard Stern. I listened in small doses and found out that I really like what he programs. Some of the stuff he does is over the top but for the most part it is just Great Radio.
He has some people he calls the Wack Pack and they are funny as hell. People can say he takes advantage of them. If you listen to the show you will know that he takes care of the Wack Packers.
He had on the other day. I have never been a fan of his really I always thought he was a pom pas ass. I had never met him it just seemed that the media portrayed him as thinking he was better then everyone else. But after the Howard interview with him I found that I liked the guy. He almost seemed like a guy you could to a bar with and have a beer.. Howard did that in 30 minutes. It was great and he does that kind of thing with everyone he interviews.. Unlike the the main stream media he asks the hard questions and he will keep pressing. Sure he asks a lot of weird questions but I think that it opens the guests up.

I would say give Howard a shot. He turned me around. Now I listen everyday and I have to listen to all his best of stuff when he is gone.

In the words of Ringo Star "Peace and Love Peace and Love"

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  1. He is the best interviewer in my opinion. His show is far from just the shock jock he is portrayed. And the story telling of Artie Lange is absolutely riveting.