Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Random Thoughts

1.  It is almost February it is okay to take down your Christmas stuff now

2. Do people really need 2 Christmas trees? I was out tossing my Newspapers and I cannot tell you how many people have 2 trees. I think that is over kill... Save a tree and Tip you Paper Boy!!!!

3.  When it snows, Shovel and salt your sidewalk. I do not want to break my neck walking in front of your castle.

4. Spring Training is 28 days away... Twins fest starts today!!!

5. Another cold snap is coming in for the weekend.   Anyone else getting sick of all the cold?

6. What is worse being addicted to food or addicted to drugs? Cause i really think I am addicted to food, and I have some extra baggage... Seems like people addicted to drugs are Skinny!!!!   I think I will just stay fat

Okay that is all for today..


  1. Maybe you weren't asking a serious question, but this is a serious answer:
    I was addicted to food at one point and it was nowhere near as awesome as drugs. I have never been so addicted to drugs as I am right now, and it's the happiest I've been in my whole life!

    ... probably, I am the only person who thinks this. I guess it depends what drug you get addicted to.

  2. I agree - what a waste of land and trees to grow throwaway trees every year. horrid idea~