Friday, January 16, 2009

The Winter Blah's

Does anyone else not like this time of year when  it comes to sports. I know we have the Wild and Timberwolves but they still do not have the appeal of the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Twins. Those seem to be the big 2 and have the biggest following. 

The NFL is all but over. Sure there  are a few weeks left in the season but without the hometown team, no one watches with the same passion as they were just a few short weeks ago.  I know I find myself surfing more and more during games.. If I miss a play now it is no big deal.

We are a month from Spring Training right now and 2 months away from being able to watch the team.. I wish they would televise more Spring Trianing games. It would make the winter Blah's easier to take. I know I can't wait for the home team 9 to take the field!!!

I know the Wild and Wolves have thier following but it is not the same. I can not seem to watch a whole game of either team. Not sure why but it does not motivate to watch.

We may have  saving grace now though!!!! Tubby and the Gophers, The Barn is going to be the hottest ticket to get this winter and spring. The way the boyz are playing they are already beating the Wolves in attendence. This is a great young team and is only going to get better. I know I will be attending  few games yet this season. This used to be the hottest ticket in town and soon it wil be again.

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