Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weather Idiots and Traffic

Can they ever get anything right? I do not know how many time in the last month they have been wrong. You turn on the TV or the Radio and they say that a major snow event is on the way. So you wait and plan for it and it never comes. My god how can I get their job, they are always wrong but still have  jobs. Maybe on my blog I will start doing weather casts. I know I cannot be any worse then they are.

Weather brings me to the the next rant. Hey Idiots, when it snows the roads become slippery, SLOW DOWN.
When I pass you and see you in the ditch all I can do is laugh a little I am sure you were driving to fast for the conditions. Do you think you have some super car that Snow and Ice will not effect? If you do you should sell the Technology because you will be a rich person. 

On the topic of crappy drivers!! What is with all the tailgating? I bet I see 5-6 tailgating accidents everyday. Why do you feel the need to get so close? Do you think it is going to make the person change lanes? It's not so get over it and back off.

Okay now I think I got a few rants in I feel better now.. Now i don't have to kick the dog!!! Just kidding  I would never kick a dog

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  1. Well ... its snowing out there right now. Should be a fun commute home