Sunday, January 25, 2009

The First day of the Weight Lose Saga

So yesterday I started the quest to lose some weight and try to get  healthy!! 

I decided to try the GNC Total Body Cleansing Program. Maybe a little extreme but I had to try something. Everything else I have tried has failed, so I figured why not go for the gusto. 

First off there are a lot of pills involved in doing this program and I am not a big pill taker. But I am still doing it anyways.

Second you really need to prepare and shop for this.  I am not following the menu as close as I should but I have been eating a lot better and not as much so that is a good thing

Third I have been drinking a ton of water.. I have been going to the restroom quite a bit. So I am thinking the Liver and Kidney cleaning is going good..  The other area's to be cleansed have not really kicked in yet from the results in restroom.  I will just leave it at that.

I am suffering from a major headache today. It has been 2 days without coffee and I am sure that is what is causing it. Still it really sucks but I will press on because that is what I have to do.

That is today's update on the weight loss saga


  1. Yeah, I had a headache for a couple days when I stopped drinking caffeine at first. You will get through it

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