Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Cold Cold

So this morning at 2am when I went out to deliver the papers the temperature in the car said-20. I cannot remember the last time it was this cold... Man it is so cold you have open the freezer to heat the house. What gets me mad is the people who I deliver to that complain the paper is not right to their when the weather is this cold.. Yours is not the only paper I deliver and it gets very cold for us. So cut us a break.

Where are all the idiots saying crap about global warming, right now i would take some ozone warming. Bring it on.. 

What is up with the East Coast Media, NBC and all the weather idiots are complaining that it is 18 degree's in New  York.  I can speak for most people in the Upper Midwest that we would do anything to be ABOVE ZERO These guys make it seem like the world is ending just because it is below freezing.. Hey Al Roker come on up to Minnesota and see some real cold weather, I will gladly give you a guided tour.

Everyone please slow down and be careful to look out for Black Ice.. You cannot  see it and it usually occurs when the temps hit 10 below zero

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  1. We're flyover zone! Nobody on the coasts cares about us. Just wait until NY gets another 4 inch snowfall. They'll shut down. Ha!