Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Weight loss Saga day 4

       This is my 4th day without caffine. The first 2 days were bad, I had a serious headache but now I feel just fine. I guess the Mega Man Multi-Vitamen I am taking is helping with that so that is good. Plus my energy level has been great, I was afraid that I would suffer fatigue when I gave up coffee. But that is not the case..

I weighed in yesterday and was down 4 pounds since Saturday, I take that as a small victory. I know there is lots more to do but for now I will take it.
In my last editon of the saga, I told you I was using the GNC Total Body Cleansing system. I am not really sure how well it is working.. I have not noticed much difference in the restroom except for the color of my urine.  But I will say that being on the product and thinking that it is working has helped me eat better all week..  I have made good choices for the most part and have been watching the portions. So I consider that a good side of the product.

I have been pretty this week so I have not hit the gym. That is the goal for next week, I will also start taking  Super Foods Supreme, I have heard good things about that product and will be exited to give it a shot..

Tune in Thursday for my Blog post on Howard Stern


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