Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Randy Moss

I figured I have a ranting blog and I really need to Rant.

I am sick and tired of all the media jumping all over Randy Moss saying what a cancer he is. For 4 years you did not hear a bad thing about him, all you hear from the Patriots is that he was a model player. When Randy is put in a good situation and has leadership around him he is fine. Maybe the issues he has is dealing with incompetent coaching.

I for one was happy to see him call out Brad Childress! Nobody else in that locker has the balls to do it and it needed to be done. Maybe instead of the media climbing all over Moss they need to focus on the real problem Childress!

Then when all the media comes out and says crap about Moss they always says sources. I call BS, give me a name of the player or source you are talking about. I could sit down and right the same type of story these idiots are writing. All these idiot reporters see a big story and just pile on and they have no facts at all. Hell just look at ESPN how many times do they break story and it ends up being false.

Get off Randy's Jock and do some real work and write a real story that has some facts that you can back up!!