Friday, January 9, 2009

Spring Training is Coming

The Twins are set to open Spring Training this year on Feb.15Th. It is a little early this year, but this is a World Baseball Classic Year. I am not going to complain I love baseball and cannot wait for it to start. As of right now the current 40 Man roster looks like this:

30 Scott BakerR/R

53 Nick BlackburnR/R

26 Boof BonserR/R

49 Craig BreslowL/L

28 Jesse CrainR/R

-- Brian DuensingL/L

-- Armando GabinoR/R

54 Matt GuerrierR/R

38 Philip HumberR/R

-- Jason JonesR/R

41 Bobby KoreckyR/R

47 Francisco LirianoL/L

50 Jose MijaresL/L

36 Joe NathanR/R

17 Pat NeshekS/R

15 Glen PerkinsL/L

59 Kevin SloweyR/R

-- Anthony SwarzakR/R


-- Drew ButeraR/R

7 Joe MauerL/R

58 Jose MoralesS/R

-- Wilson RamosR/R

55 Mike RedmondR/R


32 Brian BuscherL/R

25 Alexi CasillaS/R

23 Brendan HarrisR/R

-- Luke HughesR/R

27 Matt MacriR/R

33 Justin MorneauL/R

-- Trevor PlouffeR/R

8 Nick PuntoS/R

-- Deibinson RomeroR/R

20 Matt TolbertS/R

-- Steven TollesonR/R


5 Michael CuddyerR/R

22 Carlos GomezR/R

11 Jason PridieL/R

2 Denard SpanL/L

21 Delmon YoungR/R

Designated HittersB/THtW

16 Jason KubelL/R6-0210

I would really like to see the Twins make a play for a upgrade at a 3rd base. Brian Buscher and Brendan Harrisare not great options there. When the season ended Billy Smith said he was not happy with what we had at 3rd base and then after the Winter Meetings, he comes out and he says "I will be okay going into the season with what we have at 3rd base".
What happened in between those times? What happened to wanting to upgrade?
The Indains, White Sox and Royals have all upgraded while we have stood pat, Last year we missed winning the Division by 1 game. It will not be as easy this year.
Do the Twins really want to go the World Series or are they just happy making a run at the playoffs? I have been a fan for 35 years and it seems like they are happy just competing.. In 1987 and 1991 we caught lighting in a bottle. We signed the players that we needed to win. Now we trade those big players away.

Okay this is my first time Blogging I promise it will get better

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