Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Thoughts on the events of the Day

So  now George Bush is gone and back in Texas, and Barack Obama is now in the White House.  I know things are not going to happen over night, but I have faith in President Obama. I think he has new fresh ideas. We as a country need to realize that he cannot do it by himself, he needs us to help him out. He can put out all the idea's but WE have be behind him and support him.

One thing I really wonder about.  If Hillary Clinton had been elected would the turn out have been as big? I know President Obama became the first African American President and he had many people there to see history. When we get the first woman President will the people come in mass to see hear sworn in the same way?
That was just something that crossed my mind today.

I am excited to see what President Obama can do, No man in the history of this country has ever had this much pressure on him. I must say I do not envy him one bit, everything he does is going to be put under a microscope. Some people are going to love him and some are going to hate him. Some people are going to love his idea's and some are going to hate them. I just hope that he can cross the aisle and get everyone to work together.

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  1. I believe that he will do well. He has changed a lot of view points of some americans. A dark skinned president, that is a lot to think about for most. Yes the pressure will be high for him to do well for this country but if you think about it, maybe a change will actually do this country some good.