Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet Martha's Cookies

This photo is from the Minnesota this past year. These cookies are so good. If you have never been to the Minnesota State Fair you need to plan a trip. Sweet Martha's cookies are worth the trip all by themselves. Grab a big bucket and then head on over to $1 Milk Stand (All the milk you can drink for a buck, White or Chocolate). Does it get any better then that. I think not. I think I may have to cut this short I need to go find some cookies for Breakfast now.


  1. Sweet Martha's takes advantage of young teens at the fair without parents. Sells them an itty bitty cone of cookies for like $10.

    Like you don't make enough money????

  2. i totally agree! these cookies are the best!

    and they are not as expensive as you say... pretty sure if i remember correctly the cones are around $5. it's the bucket that is more expensive, which i assume is meant to be shared? though i definitely could eat a whole bucket by myself, sadly.

    seriously counting down the days until the fair!