Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just some random thoughts

I know women always cry over TV shows, Do men cry but hide it? My wife was watching a Little People Big World. She was crying pretty good at the end of it.. Next on the DVR The Biggest Loser will be on . I am sure she will be crying by the end of that. Time to buy some more Kleenex.

So I was driving today and I could not get around a Semi, He was taking up 2 lanes on curve in a construction zone. I did not pass him because I did not feel safe going around him at the time. I had some idiot behind me(Red Grand AM), driving like a freak. Once I got around the truck the Moran came flying by me honking the horn and flipping me off. What Gives? I saw you, I just did not feel like dying this close to Friday. See me on a Monday and maybe we can strike up a deal.

Tune in tomorrow for my Alcohol vs Marijuana debate

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