Thursday, February 5, 2009

Politicians are just a bunch of Crooks

     Well they are in my opinion. If anyone one of us had done what Tom Daschle ,Nancy Killefer,Timothy Geithner had done we would all be in Jail. There are people in prison for not paying taxes just like these guys have not done. Yet their's just gets swept under the rug. They say it was a honest mistake, and they are sorry it happened. They are only sorry that they got caught. We elect this idiots to run the country for us and they are all just cheating crooks.
Want more examples? Take New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson he is being investigated for giving state contracts to campaign donors.
More you say, Rod Blagojevich trying to sell President Obama's vacant senate seat. 
       John McCain was busy taking campaign donations from the law firm of convicted felon Charles Keating, one of the masterminds of the Savings and Loan Scandal of the 1980’s that cost taxpayers $500 billion
        Just think of all the people all the people in Congress and other posts who are doing the same type of things and just not getting caught. When in the playing field going to level out for the rest of us. It has been a very bad year for a lot of people what if people just did not pay their taxes this year? Could we if the IRS came knocking on the door just say Opps!!! Sorry I must have overlooked that!! No way we get away with that.
What is really bad is that all of them can right a check right away for it. Tom Daschle wrote a check for $130,000 like it was just a drop in the hat. Most of us a having trouble paying day to day bills and this guy is dropping 130 grand to pay for taxes he did not pay in the first place.
I say lock all these bums up. They are out of control, they think they are better then anyone else. Lets treat these bums like everyone else. No special rules. Lets level the playing field

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  1. I totally agree!

    I didn't pay my taxes for a while and without hesitation the gub-ment came for my paycheck! But then again, I'm not a politician so I get no reprieve.